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Hello There..
This Time we Want do Interview with one of France Legendary Oi!/Streetpunk Band..


1.   when the band was started?

We started to play in 1981 to 1987 and we have replayed after 27 years of absence, in april 2014.

2.   the member still same until now?

No, we are 3 from the original line up... The group is reformed around Tomas (original drummer), Vovot (original guitar player) and I. Our other original guitarist did not want to take the adventure with us and our original bassist died a year before that.. Louis from Lion's Law agreed to play with us and we asked Mama, 8.6 Crew bass player to join us.

3.   how many album until now you guys have?

We realised 3 albums before and 4 compilations in our label Chaos productions.
-       Les Seigneurs de la guerre in october 1993
-       Dernier Combat in october 1985
-       Les Uns sans les autres in 1986

For the compilations :
-       Apocalypse Chaos in november 1982
-       Chaos en France Vol 1 in april 1983
-       Chaos en France Vol 2 in june 1984
-       Chaos in Europe in may 1985

4.   have you heard about indonesia scene?

For sure ! I know and listen very often band from Indonesia like No Man’s Land, Sta-Prest Boys, Moonstomp or Compatriot... I Hope one day we will have the chance to play with on of them...

5.   where is the best gig you guys had?

Oh, it's very difficult to answer at this question. We had such great experiences since we play again. Surely, the first one in Stockholm for the Psk was the strongest emotion and the quality of the welcome that was made to us. All other gigs were also very strong moments, and the two gigs we did this summer in Colombia (Bogota and Medellin) remain beautiful memories.

6.   any new album?

We are currently recording an album due out in early 2016 and to be called « D'une même voix » which means « In a common voice ».

7.   what do you think about new Oi! bands in france nowadays?

We think highly of. Many are very good and we are very close and very friends with Lion's Law which is certainly one of the greats of Oi in Europe

8.   last words for webculturezine online zine

Firstly a big thank you for this interview and we hope to have one day the chance to come and play in Indonesia and share a great time with all those who make the Oi scene is still strong and alive!

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Hello Readers...
It was so long not write something in here..

Allright this time We wanna Introduce You with A really great Oi!/Punk.

This Interview With Sugar Oi! Band Called Vanilla Muffins..We try to ask some update news from Collin (one of them).

Check This Out!!

1. what is the new album of vanilla muffins?

- it's only 6 songs on 3 singles , every 2 months a new single, all football related, we called the seri "goal of the month.."

2. do you satisfied with a little night music album?
- hm no..

3. what is the next vanilla muffins next plan?
- going on with this single serie, when im in the mood i record something...
and it s going to be on vinyl
the music quality on vinyl is better for our style

4. any upcoming gig?
- no i got 2 daughter and i am single parent. its a lack of time

5. what do you guys do beside band?
- i'm working at the airport , filling up the jets with gas
part time job

6. your last words for webculture online zine
- all we are saying is "Give Sugar Oi a chance"

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Hello Mate!

we are the webculturezine from indonesia (an online zine).

we would like interview HARDSKINS

1. describe to us your new album, what is the difference between your 1st album and the newly released one?

Our two new albums 'On The Balls' and 'Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear' are no different from the first album. They are both fucking amazing. If you love the Rejects, Sparra' and Sham - this is the best thing you can buy.

2. why do hardskins suddenly came up with the idea to collaborate with female artist in why do byrds suddenly appears album?
Because Birds smell nicer than sweaty old men. Birds are better to look at. Birds have nice voices and mostly importantly Hard Skin are a feminist band. 

3. How many albums do you already have?

Hard Nuts and Hard Cunts
Same Meat Different Gravy
On The Balls
Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear

four classic albums plus a few classic live albums and compilations

4. Are there any important message in each of your songs?
Of course there are important messages in the songs - drink, womanize, fuck the police, Anti Thatcher and Eat loads of food. 

5. what do you you think of patriotic bands and R.A.C bands?

Fuck every Nationalist, Patriotic and RAC band in the world. Ian Stewart from Screwdriver dying in a car crash was justice for all the bullshit he talked and the misery he put on certain people's lives.

6. Tell us about the best and the worst gig you've played at before
The best gig was on a Boat in Texas which was full of 100's of top looking birds in bikini's and bullet belts. The worst - maybe in Portland in 2009 when JT was so fucking high and pissed he didn't even know he was doing a gig.

7. Which countries do you want to visit?

Nowhere - I've been round the world and elsewhere.

8. Have you heard about The Indonesian scene?
Heard fuck all mate - sorry!!

9. Any final comments for the webculturezine?
We are the working Class because we are class!!!

Anyways, thanks for your respond mates!

edited by : Che. K

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Hello Readers all over the world!!! 

 We hope your all good! First, we wanted to apologize, for our online zine is inactive for more than a year, it's because of some stuff that made us very busy.. 

 Now, we are back!!!! 

 And of course it's because of the support of our friends from all over the world 



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Rabu, 25 April 2012


1. What do you guys think about the Indonesian punk and skins scene? The scene is amazing. When we played Jakarta we were so happy to find how much the skins & punks loved it. It was one of the best gigs we'd ever played and the crowd was insane [:-)]------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Are you guys interested in coming back to play again soon? -- I will be coming back in September with members of the Bois backing me as The Oppressed LCS (Lion City Skinheads) and hopefully the full band will return next year for another tour.-------------------------------------------------------------- 3. On the Jakarta stage, we heard Roddy talk about what’s happening in brittain now, about RAC/dodgy scene, could you tell us more about that? -- I think The scene has many old nazi's playing again but claiming non politics while their gigs are full of boneheads making nazi salutes. The really sad thing is how many 'non political' bands are happy to play with them. It's like the 1980's all over again with the nazi's coming onto the scene while people choose to welcome them in.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. do you have any comments for webculturezine? -- Keep on doing what you do and always remind people to be vigilant against the racist scum. The scene is now a worldwide scene and we must welcome all races, creeds, and colours. The only power we need is people power.

Kamis, 23 Februari 2012


1. Hello, Megat, how are you? Please tell the readers who you are
- i'm doin just fine. i am megat hafiz addukhan or u can call me megat, mag or mags/max.

2. How are ACAB doing at the moment?
- ACAB's no longer functioning.

3. we heard that you are in syria, what are you doin there?
- went to syria to study arabic & religion

4. Where are the other ACAB members? Where are they?
- edy j's playing with his band gerhana ska cinta & aggrobeats while at the same time doing business of internet cafe. anas & zul works at the same place in KL selling streetwears & i don't know where hardy sham is.

5. What do you think about the Malaysian skinhead scene right now?
- i'm not sure. but in KL's area of bukit bintang/star hill, the bootboys there are still alive & kickin'.

6. Did you know Last Resort played in Singapore and indonesia?
- yea, i know. which is good. i heard that the turnout in indonesia ws amazing.

7. Are ACAB planning to reform?
- yes, we're most probably reforming for a one-off show opening for the oppressed in KL in march

8. what is your favourite acab song?
- this is a hard one. i'd say 'we are the youth'. or 'streets of uptown'.

9. Have you heard about the Indonesian skinhead scene?
- yes, i've heard. they say u lot have a large following in bandung & jakarta.

10. why you change your fashion style?
- because i've been a skinhead & played street punk/rock music for a long time & wanted to do sumthin else. i'd like to entertain all sorts of people regardless of their style or fashion.

11. Do you have a message for the webculturezine readers?
all the best in whatever u do!