Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Hell Oi! The Quakes!
How are you Guys?
We are Online zine from Indonesia Called Webculturezine (
We Interest to know more about you guys!  Sorry With our Broken English.
This Is our questions!

1. Hello guys, could you tell us about your band's history?
We have a long history starting in 1986. Please go to and see the whole

2. And who is in the line up?
Currently the line up is Paul Roman-guitar/vocals Juan Carlos/drums Wes Hinshaw- upright bass

3. Is there any meaning to your band name?
Just like earthquakes.

4. Any Upcoming New Album?
No, we are just doing digital singles at the moment.

5. besides the band, what do you guys do?
Make prank phone calls :-)

6. As a band, who/what are your influences?
Psychobilly,rockabilly, new wave, hillbilly, western swing.

7. Are any of the band members working with other bands on any projects?
No this is our full time gig.

8.  If you were to cover a song, which song would you want to cover?
We have done many covers. In the old days when I was young and inexperienced, we did covers
to try and please the audience. Now, I do covers because I think it will be a good song for us or
to do it (sing it) in my own way.

9. What does Psychobilly means to you guys?
We stradle the line between psychobilly and rockabilly I think. The psychobilly scene is the only
place you can get away with that. The rockabilly scene is too uptight and has too many rules.

10. Do you have any plans to play in Asia, or Indonesia especially?
We have never had any offers to come there. It is all about how big the scene is. If there are
enough fans, then we can come.

11. Any final comments for webculturezine?
Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us, we really appreciate your efforts, Paul


Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Interview With Oldfashioned Ideas (2016)




1. What do you think about your new album?

I think personally that it is the best one we have done so far. Unfortunaley it has been delayed quite a lot, but now it looks like it will finally be out next week!

2. Did you feel something different about your new album that you didn't feel about your last album?

Well those who have heard it says its maybe a bit more melodic and varied than the previous albums. That is not something we have done on purpose, but maybe that is just progression, and it would be strange if our 4:th album would sound exactly like our first. But that being said, the difference is not huge either, so people will still recognize it. We haven't gone soft or anything, haha!

3. Could you tell us more about that song about?

The songs are about things we encounter in our lives like having to deal with shit at work, drinking too much in the weekend and everyday life in general as well as songs about our scene, politics and to believe in and take pride in yourself and what you do.

4. What do you think about the skinhead scene in your  country today?

Well I'm no skinhead myself, so I'm probably not the right person to answer that question, butI think the scene in general is pretty good. Divided in some cases but united in most cases, and punks & skins getting along well. Lots of band for being such a small country and new ones popping up all the time too!

5. Do you have any plans to tour Southeast Asian countries? Like maybe Indonesia?

No plans right now, but we would definitely like to come and do a small tour, so if you know any organizers that might be interested tell them to contact us!

6. and for the last, Do you have any comments for webculture zine?

Cheers for the interview, hope we can make it to Indonesia some time. And check out the new album if you get the chance, hopefully you'll like it!


Tuesday, October 8, 2019

HELLO 2019

Hello 2019.
It's long time not active.
We're very sorry!

We are plan to Re-Active Again!
The online zine is free and always will be, all the photos are used for promo only, we do not take any profit for promoting some labels or shops. However if you want to help us to pay my Internet bill you can do it on our PayPal (as pay what you want, everything counts).