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1. First of all, could you tell us about your band? When was
it formed?
FRANK;- I formed the band with Pat McVicar and his brother Rob in 1995, we were mates and wanted to make music about our way of life. They are no longer in Superyob but we are still good mates. I have written many Superyob songs with Pat and many myself. To start with Pat and Rob wrote the early songs.

2. Who are in the lineup?
FRANK:- We have had line up changes but now the line up in Superyob is;- me (Frank)- (ex U-Boat, Frankie and The Flames) lead vocals, and keyboards and 12 string guitar on recordings; Dave Hayman- (ex The Concrete Gods) lead and rythmn guitar and backing vocals;
Andy Nicholas- (ex The Gonads) bass and backing vocals;
Micky Fairbairn-(ex The Business) drums

3. As a band, who/what are your influences?
FRANK:- Oi!, Punk, GlamRock and Mod bands, Pub songs and Football chants

4. Does the band's name have a meaning?
FRANK:- Superyob is the name of the guitar used by Slade’s guitarist, and we are big Slade fans, we have recorded a cover of one of their songs. Our name comes from that. In the Uk a ‘yob’ is slang for a bootboy or thug….. so ‘Superyob’ means a big bootboy!.... Our guitarist Dave has bought a custom built ‘Superyob’ guitar and uses it on stage sometimes.

5. How many albums does the band have?
FRANK:- So far 4 albums. 1.‘Aggrophobia’, 2. ‘Machine Guns n’ Alcohol’, 3.Ghetto Blaster’, 4. ‘Quality Street’………… we have also released vinyl singles, a cd ep, compilation tracks etc etc. and recently we re-issued the Aggrophobia and Machine Guns n Alcohol albums plus rare bonus tracks as a cd/ vinyl collector’s package called ‘Double Trouble’…………. And we have just re-released ‘Ghetto Blaster’ album with bonus tracks on cd and vinyl due to the public demand for the records. We are working on our fifth album now, and hope to release it later this year.

6. Please describe the sound of your band to those who are not familiar with you guys.
FRANK:- Superyob’s sound is powerful and melodic, the sound of urban working class reality and force; diamond hard lyrics set to anthemic music- it’s the sound of quality Oi!

7.Are there any important messages behind your songs? FRANK:- Yes, we write songs about the world as we experience it and try to express what we think about issues that affect us as urban working class people; to us they are important issues.

8. Tell us about the scene over there
FRANK:- It’s good in the UK, the scene is stronger again and a lot of bands are playing gigs, and the scene in Europe is big now.

9. How many gigs has the band had? Tell us about the best and the worst gig you've played.
FRANK:- We have played many, many, gigs over the 15 years Superyob has existed, the best gigs include Boston USA with the Dropkick Murphys, and Back on The Streets Festival with Krawallbruder in Germany and Oi! The Meeting and Endless Summer festivals in Germany…. also, shows we have done with the Cockney Rejects ….The worst gig for me personally was in Erfurt, Germany when I had lost my voice and could’nt sing properly- (croak!)

10. Have you had any problems organising gigs there?
FRANK:- There is always a problem with bands like us when it comes to organising gigs ...... the mainstream venues don’t like Oi! bands! No, we don’t really have a problem; as a band we only work with people we trust for promoting gigs. Some places won’t put on Oi! gigs, so we have to be selective with venues and promoters. But there are some very good venues here for our scene.

11. Have you guys ever been invited to play abroad? Which countries do you guys want to visit?
FRANK:- Yes we have been invited abroad many times. Of course we have played many venues in the UK….. Outside the Uk we have played in Scandinavia- (Norway, Sweden, Finland), Europe- (Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Spain, Czech republic) and the USA- Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Boston, Buffalo, New York, (Ithaca); New York (Albany); New Hampshire, Delaware, New Jersey. We will play again in the UK and Europe this year and hope to return to Scandinavia and the USA for more shows next year maybe.

12. Have you heard about The Indonesian scene?
FRANK:- We have heard that there is a big skinhead scene in Indonesia, and I have had a lot of contact here with people from the scene there, but we have never played there yet.

13. What record label is the band signed to?
FRANK:- We are signed to Randale records in Germany.

14. What are the bands short term and long term plans?
FRANK:- Short term and long term we hope to get better at what we do; keep playing shows, making records and videos and celebrating the scene! Also we try to support newer bands by putting them on our shows if we can.

16. Do you have any comments for webculture zine?
FRANK:- Greetings to you all from us in Superyob. Keep the faith! Cheers! Franky


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