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Hello There..
This Time we Want do Interview with one of France Legendary Oi!/Streetpunk Band..


1.   when the band was started?

We started to play in 1981 to 1987 and we have replayed after 27 years of absence, in april 2014.

2.   the member still same until now?

No, we are 3 from the original line up... The group is reformed around Tomas (original drummer), Vovot (original guitar player) and I. Our other original guitarist did not want to take the adventure with us and our original bassist died a year before that.. Louis from Lion's Law agreed to play with us and we asked Mama, 8.6 Crew bass player to join us.

3.   how many album until now you guys have?

We realised 3 albums before and 4 compilations in our label Chaos productions.
-       Les Seigneurs de la guerre in october 1993
-       Dernier Combat in october 1985
-       Les Uns sans les autres in 1986

For the compilations :
-       Apocalypse Chaos in november 1982
-       Chaos en France Vol 1 in april 1983
-       Chaos en France Vol 2 in june 1984
-       Chaos in Europe in may 1985

4.   have you heard about indonesia scene?

For sure ! I know and listen very often band from Indonesia like No Man’s Land, Sta-Prest Boys, Moonstomp or Compatriot... I Hope one day we will have the chance to play with on of them...

5.   where is the best gig you guys had?

Oh, it's very difficult to answer at this question. We had such great experiences since we play again. Surely, the first one in Stockholm for the Psk was the strongest emotion and the quality of the welcome that was made to us. All other gigs were also very strong moments, and the two gigs we did this summer in Colombia (Bogota and Medellin) remain beautiful memories.

6.   any new album?

We are currently recording an album due out in early 2016 and to be called « D'une même voix » which means « In a common voice ».

7.   what do you think about new Oi! bands in france nowadays?

We think highly of. Many are very good and we are very close and very friends with Lion's Law which is certainly one of the greats of Oi in Europe

8.   last words for webculturezine online zine

Firstly a big thank you for this interview and we hope to have one day the chance to come and play in Indonesia and share a great time with all those who make the Oi scene is still strong and alive!

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