Selasa, 15 Juni 2010


When was Twice Bar established?

Jrx: 1999. We were located on top of Twice Tape & CD Shop right in front of Ground Zero, thank God we moved to Poppies Lane 2 a year before the infamous first Bali bombing. Otherwise we definetly won't make it till now :)

Is it open everyday? What are the hours?

Jrx: Yes it opens everyday [except Nyepi Day]. 6 PM - 3 AM.

Is it a spot for any subcultures like: punks, skins, rockabillies, etc in Bali?

Jrx: Yes, but we don't close our door to another planet-rebel contingents. Twice is also a hangin' out spot for local tattoo artists, young bikers, hip hop crews, small time criminals, non-mainstream DJ/electronic musicians, rock n roll models/designers, BMX kids, painters, skaters and almost every part of counter culture that exist in Bali

Are you affiliated with other bars in other places in Indonesia?

Nope. But we're looking forward for that possibilities.

What bands have played at Twice Bar?

Jrx: Superman Is Dead, Shaggy Dog, Navicula, Burgerkill, Seringai, Marjinal, The Hydrant, Suicidal Sinatra, Rocket Rockers, Pee Wee Gaskins, Jeruji and many more. Overseas bands including bands from UK, Europe, Australia, Singapore and many more....

Is it free for the bands who want to perform at Twice Bar, or do they have to pay to play?

Jrx: It's free. And we provide them a fun-drunken night everytime they play at Twice. Good deal....

Do you have any comments for webculturezine?

Jrx: What you guys do is something rare these days, you guys believe in the power of sub-culture, and that always win a place in our hearts here in Bali :)

How can people contact Twice Bar? Do you have an email, website or postal adresss?

www.myspace.com/twicebar, www.facebook.com/twicebar, email to ekoramone@yahoo.com. Postal address: Twice Bar, Poppies Lane 2 - Kuta 80361 Bali


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